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Catalog Number 2015.021.001
Object Name Recording
Scope & Content Oral history interview of Esther Gathman.

Interviewed by Cliff Schultz, a member of the Elk Grove Historical Society, and Sandy Denninger, museum coordinator, March 10, 2008. Interview took place at the school house building of the Elk Grove Historical Museum located at 399 Biesterfield Road, Elk Grove Village, IL. Interview length 82 m 49 sec. Collection includes audio recording, transcript, and digital image.

Digital image: 2015.021.003
Collection Elk Grove Historical Museum
Notes Esther Gathman

00:00:01Introduction. Esther went to grade school in District 61. She had the same teacher for eight years (Mary Tagge). Her school closed down after she graduated.

00:05:29Esther's school was discussed. Description of the classroom. Disciplinary methods for her and classmates.

00:10:00The Gathman family farm was discussed. General description of the farm. Grain and cattle were farmed.

00:15:09Surrounding farmers were discussed.

00:19:55Life at the Gathman Farm was detailed.

00:25:00Life at the Gathman Farm was detailed. The Gathman Farm had a telephone installed in 1967. Esther and her siblings got it for their mother. Esther worked in Aurora for a business called Standard Grigsby.

00:30:30Esther's work history was discussed. She worked for Grigsby Barton until it closed in 1974 and then she worked for Advanced Molding Technologies (A.M.T) until she retired in 1998-99. Esther did not attend high school as she was needed at home to take care of her sick mother and lack of transportation.

00:35:00The reason that Esther did not go to high school was discussed. Her years between eighth grade and employment were detailed. The farm was sold to for real estate development.

00:41:20End of first audio disk.

00:00:01Start of second audio disk.
Esther's family was talked about, specifically her grandmother. Family get togethers. Taking care of her grandmother. Esther's family received their first T.V. in 1954 or 1955.

00:05:07Holiday get togethers would be rotated between family members. Esther got in trouble for throwing a stone at her brother. Her discipline was being spanked.

00:10:00Both of Esther's brothers went to high school and worked as truck farmers.

00:15:00Esther began looking for a job when she was 20 years old. She received her first car after her brother left to serve in the military. Impacts of World War II were examined.

00:20:10Esther's brother served in Germany as a hospital nurse from August of 1954 - July of 1956. Esther reminisced about childhood memories.

00:25:00Esther's first birthday party was when she turned 18 years old. The impact on local farmers due to the development of Elk Grove was discussed (started in 1956). Esther's father passed away from a heart attack while shoveling their driveway. He took his last breath in Esther's arms.

00:31:08Esther's father's health issues was detailed. The doctor had told her father that he was in good health about a month before he passed away. A stranger ran into their garage and during this her father collapsed. Esther had to walk a block down the road in order to call the police due to the fact that there was no phone in her house.

00:34:50Community events as a child were detailed. There were several events held at George Scharringhausen's grove. Esther worked during the summertime and only rested on Sundays. Wintertime was "game time". They would play card games on Sunday during the winter. Esther said her life had been pretty good overall. She talked about why she moved to Roselle.

00:41:28End of second audio disk.

Source Elk Grove Historical Museum